Monday, May 23, 2005

Le Roi est mort! Viva le Roi! And by "Roi", I mean "The Congo". My first attempt at blogging and web design ended up being shut down by a hosting company that spontaneously combusted, and evil domain squatters that stole my name. This happened a little less than a year ago. I was bitter and disenchanted. I swore off blogging and retreated to the Gigawatts where I would sometimes post as the ubiquitous Poster Nutbag. After some time I realize how much I miss shamelessly pandering my thoughts on Pop Culture to the masses. I too have mush to say about the season finale of The O.C. (If you did not see the episode, it had more drama per second than that housewife show could ever dream of). So sit back and enjoy, There is much to say and more than enough time to say it. This site will be All For Nothing and Nothing For All, your choice.

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